FLIR TG165 กล้องถ่ายภาพความร้อน Spot Thermal Camera

กล้องถ่ายภาพความร้อน FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera

FLIR TG165: FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Cameras ยี่ห้อ FLIR

กล้องถ่ายภาพความร้อน FLIR TG165 กล้องถ่ายภาพความร้อน Thermal Imager

หน้าจอ LCD TFT ขนาด 2.0 นิ้ว ช่วงการวัด -25℃ ถึง 380℃

FLIR TG165 & TG167 Spot Thermal Cameras

The FLIR TG165 and TG167 Spot Thermal Cameras bridge the gap between single spot infrared thermometers and FLIR’s legendary thermal cameras. Equipped with FLIR’s exclusive Lepton® micro thermal sensor, these cameras let you see the heat so you know exactly where to target the measurement spot. Easily find unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting, and store images and data to show customers and include in reports.


  • ±1.5% or 1.5°C Basic Accuracy
  • -25 to 380°C, -13 to 716°F Temperature Range
  • 24:1 Distance to Spot Ratio

Imaging and optical data
Field of view (FOV)  50º x 38,6º  25º x 19.6º
IR resolution  80 × 60 pixels
Thermal sensitivity/NETD  < 150 mK
Minimum focus distance)  0.1 m (4 in.)
Image frequency  9Hz
Focus  Focus free
Detector data
Detector type  Focal plane array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
Spectral range  8–14 μm
Image presentation
Display  2.0 in. TFT LCD
Object temperature range  –25 to +380°C (–13 to +716°F)
Accuracy  ±1.5% or 1.5°C (2.7°F)
Distance to spot ratio  24:1
Minimum measurement distance  26 cm (10 in.)
Center spot  Yes
Color palettes  Hot Iron, Rainbow, Grayscale
Image Storage
Memory type  Micro SD card
Image storage capac