Tenmars TM-91N :เครื่องวัดกัมมันตรังสี Digital Radiation Meter

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TM-91N: เครื่องวัดรังสีสารกัมมันตรังสี  รังสี X-ray, รังสีเบตา Beta(B) และรังสีแกมมา Gamma(y)

Digital Nuclear Gamma Radiation Detector Monitor Geiger Counter Dosimeter + Built-in Geiger-Mueller tube, Made in Taiwan.

TM-91N Radiation Monitorare the survey meter in measuring the beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. It is useful in monitoring the environment/home safety, nuclear, medical, mining and metal industries. It is also ideal for the border control, customs and cargo inspections.เครื่องวัดกัมมันตรังสี Digital Radiation Meter
The Geiger Counter is designed to be sensitive to Beta radiation and Gamma Radiation including x-rays.


  • Display units in uSv/h and uRem/h.
  • Built-in a GM tube.
  • Quick response to the radiation strength of Beta(B), Gamma(y) and X-ray.
  • Auto Ranging.
  • Automatic detection, easy setting.
  • A beeper chirps with each radiation count.
  • Audio alarm setting function.
 Model No.:  TM-91N
 Display  3 1/2 digits LCD with maximum reading of 1999
 Sampling rate  10 seconds/ time (<20μSv/h), 1 second/ time (>20μSv/h)
 Units  µSv/h or µRem/h
 Measurement Range  0.50µSv/h~1400µSv/h, 50µRem/h~140.0mRem/h
 Resolution  0.01 uSv/h, 1uRem/h
 Test Radiation  Beta(B) and Gamma(y) ray
 Energy dependency  30 KV to 1.30 MeV
 Accuracy  +/-20% of reading
 Alarm Settlings  Default value: 0.50µSv/h,
 Setting range: 0~19.99µSv/h
 Auto Power Off  Default value: 30 minutes
 Setting range: 0 ~ 60 minutes ( 0: disable the auto power off)
 Operation Environment  0ºC~50ºC; below 80% RH
 Storage Environment  -20ºC~60ºC; below 75% RH
 Battery Type