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800037: WBGT SD card Datalogger Meter ยี่ห้อ Sper Scientific, USA

Measures WBGT, Black Globe Temperature, Humidity, Air Temperature, Wet Bulb and Dew Point

Records data onto removable SD Cards

Reads relative humidity (RH), air temperature (TA), dew point, wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) and black globe temperature (TG). Also captures sample time and date. Records data onto standard SD memory cards (like a digital camera). When full, simply exchange SD cards for unlimited data storage. The removable SD card is easy to transport and insert into a computer’s memory card slot or SD card reader. Uploads preformatted data to Excel, without the need for additional software and cables. Additional SD cards are readily available in a variety of memory sizes. Can also stream data directly to a computer using the optional software and cables. Features an adjustable WBGT audible alarm, min/max, auto power off, low battery indicator and hold function. This well-made unit is extremely accurate with fast response times, and includes a fold-out tripod and large, easy-to-read backlit LCD. Comes ready to use in a soft carrying case with 6 AA batteries, instruction manual and a SD card. N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance available (for RH & Air Temperature only).

Globe diameter: 2¾" (70 mm)
Dimensions: 10¾" × 2½" × 1¾" (273 × 64 × 44 mm)
 0 to 59°C
 32 to 138°F
 ±1°C (15 to 59°C) ±1.5°C (Others)
 ±1.8°F (59 to 138°F) ±2.7°F (Others)
 0 to 56°C
 32 to 132°F
 ±1.5°C (15 to 56°C) ±2°C (Others)
 ±2.7°F (59 to 132°F) ±3.6°F (Others)
 Air Temperature
 -0 to 50ºC
  32 to 122ºF
 (@15 to 40°C)
 ±0.8°C (± 1.5°F)
 0 to 80°C
 32 to 176°F
 (@15 to 40°C)
 ±0.6°C (± 1.1°F)
 5 to 95% RH
 ≥ 70% RH: ± 3% rdg + 1% RH,
 <70% RH: ± 3% RH
 Dew Point °C
 -25.3 to 48.9°C
 The dew point and wet bulb temperature values
 are calculated automatically using the humidity/air
 temperature measurement.
 Dew Point °F
 -13.5 to 120.1°F
 Wet Bulb °C
 -21.6 to 50.0°C
 Wet Bulb °F
 -6.9°F to 122.0°F
  • Comes ready to use in a soft carrying case with 6 AA batteries, instruction manual and a SD card.
Ordering Information:
840057............RS232 Cable
840058............USB Power Cable
840059............4GB SD Card
840094............RS232 to USB Adaptor Cable
840097............AC Adaptor
850080............Intelligent Software

CE  warranty

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